Weave the greeting card!

Weave the greeting card!

Greetings cards are always lovely to receive and give. Especially when you have made by yourself. In this blog post, I will show you how to use paper weaving to make a greeting card with a heart. Let’s get to work!

papīra aušana apsveikuma kartiņa māmiņdienā vai Valentīna dienā

For this weaving greeting card you will need:

  • 20x15 cm (8x6 inches)  cardboard for the base of the greeting card
  • 21x10cm (8,2x4 inches) and 15x10 cm (6x4 inches) paper in different colors
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue

    nepieciešamie materiāli papīra aušanai

    How to make paper weaving card:

    Step 1 Divide the largest sheet of paper (weaving paper) along the narrowest edge into 1cm (0,4 inches) wide sheets and cut them. You now have ten identical sheets.

    papīra aušanas pamācība soli pa solim - sagatavo strēmeles

    Step 2 Take the second piece of paper (base paper). Measure the middle of the longest edge and fold it in half. Cut the strips from the middle to the edge. You do not want to cut the base paper all the way through as this is going to be the paper that holds the weaving. If you want straight lines, you can first mark and draw them with a pencil so that they are the same.

    papīra aušanas darbi bērniem

    Step 3 Unfold the base paper and start weaving with the cut-out weaving paper strips. Slide the paper strip over and under through your base paper. The next line is the opposite of the previous one - if the previous one started with going over, then this time slide it under first. Keep weaving until the whole area is woven.

    papīra aušana apsveikum kartītes taisīšana

    nogriez papīra strēmelēm galus papīra aušanas beigās

    Step 4 Mark the middle of the longest edge of your cardboard. This is where you will fold the card. If you do not have a special tool for folding the card, use a ruler or a plastic knife and gently fold the card.

    Step 5 Draw a heart. You can create a shape on blank paper (fold the paper and draw one side of the heart on it and cut it out) so that it is the same on both sides. Place it on your card and draw a heart shape. Pierce it in the middle with scissors and cut out the drawn heart shape.

    apsveikuma kartīte ar sirsniņu

    Step 6 Cover the inside of your cut-out heart shape with glue and glue the woven decor. Trim the edges if necessary. You can put your card under a pile of heavy books for a while so that everything sticks neatly.

    bērna taisīts māmiņdienas apsveikums

    Step 7 Write a greeting and give it to your loved one!

    Check out this other blog post about weaving hearts.

    māmiņdienas apsveickuma kartīte ideja bērniem

    We also made a video with a tutorial if you prefer this way!