DIY Easy and colorful Easter bunny garland

DIY Easy and colorful Easter bunny garland

Create a colorful and happy Easter bunny garland with the children or let the children express themselves. They will be able to do this job!

This will be a great activity to do in the kindergarten group to decorate the room together before Easter.

Lieldienu zaķu virtene no krāsainiem papīriem

What do you need to make a bunny garland?

  • Colorful paper
  • Bunny template HERE
  • Yarn
  • Piece of ribbon
  • Fork
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher

    How to make a bunny garland?

    Bunny garland could NOT be any easier as it is. You will use a template to cut out the rabbit shapes and then make the pom-poms with a fork. After that - you glue it all together.

    So let’s begin!

    Print out and cut the bunnies!

    The first thing you need to do is print out the bunny template. You can download it for free HERE. Print out a copy and cut out as many bunnies as you like from the colorful paper.

    I suggest using a bit thicker paper than basic copy paper. The thin paper isn’t as stable for this project, and can also wrinkle if you attach anything with glue.

    Lieldienu zaķa trafarets

    Make the pom-pom tails!

    Wrap the yarn around the outside of a fork about 40 times. Cut a piece of yarn and tie off the yarn in the middle prong. Tie the top and bottom together and tie the loop and knot as tightly as you can.

    kā uztaisīt dzijas bumbulīšus ar dakšiņu

    Cut both loops on each side and fluff! You can trim around the edges of the pom-pom to make it more tidy looking as well.

    dzijas bumbilīšu uz dakšiņas

    Put it all together!

    Make holes in bunnies using a puncher and thread all the bunnies on the ribbon (you can also use the same yarn as for tails).

    Use craft glue to attach the pom-pom tails to the bunnies.

    Lieldienu darbiņš bērniem - uztaisīt zaķu virteni

    Your Easter garland is complete and ready for hanging!

    Have a nice craft!