Want to make woven coasters? Easy DIY tutorial

Want to make woven coasters? Easy DIY tutorial

I am enjoying weaving with my small lap loom. I decided to make woven coasters and made some pictures so you can get inspired.

If you are not similar to weaving basics, read my first blog about weaving for beginners.

STEP 1 before starting your DIY coaster project

The first step is to decide how big your coasters need to be. I took my mug and measured the size of the bottom, added one centimeter to all four sides, and got my measurement. Your coaster should be a bit bigger than a mug.

STEP 2 is to pick yarn for your woven coasters.

I have two tips here. First, I suggest taking yarn of equal thickness and material. In that way, the coaster will be plain, and your mug will be stable on it.

Secondly, when choosing colors don’t take more than 3 colors. You can make different patterns and all the coasters will look harmonized. I chose green, navy blue, and ivory with matching navy thread for my woven coasters.

kā izvēlēties dzijas aušanas darbiņam

STEP 3 is preparing your loom.

I used a weaving loom from our weaving kit. I left a few slides without warp thread so my coasters aren’t too wide. For detailed info, on how to warp the loom read this blog post.

kā uztīt un sagatavot rāmi aušanai

STEP 4 is weaving and making a pattern.

I choose to make every coaster a bit different and love how they look together.

! Just remember not to pull the weft thread too tight when weaving or it will start to make an hourglass shape

More about basic weaving read here.

aušanas stelees bērniem un aušanas pamatprincipi

kā noaust krūzīšu palitņus zaļā un zilā krāsā

STEP 5 is to take your woven coaster off the loom.

Turn the left side of the loom and cut the warp threads in the middle. I suggest cutting one by one – starting with diagonal threads and the first vertical. Then tie both together in knots.

kā noņemt noausto darbu no rāmja, lai tas neizjuktu

STEP 6 is hiding your ends.

Tuck the ends of the weft and warp strings on the back of your weaving project.

kā ievilkt galus aušanas beigās

After finishing you can iron coasters through cotton or other plain fabric to give them nice look.

kā pašam noaust krūzīšu paliktņus

If you have any questions, feel free to write me at info@foxthemaker.com!

 Have a nice craft!

- Agrita