DIY embroidery greeting card with Heart

DIY embroidery greeting card with Heart

There is no doubt that DIY gifts for kids are the best gifts ever for their parents and family. And handmade greeting cards are the easiest gift anyone can make. Valentine's Day is approaching, so I'm sharing the idea of how to embroider the warmest and cutest greeting cards for your loved ones at home.

For this project you will need:

- a blank greeting card or 20x15cm cardboard folded in half,
- a sheet of paper and a pencil,
- red thread and a needle,
- a tool for punching holes,
- ruler,
- transparent adhesive tape,
- scissors.

Create original and handmade greeting cards using this Stitch a Greeting Card creative box, in which you will find 6 different designs and one blank card for your own drawing. The kit also includes envelopes for sending the sewn greeting cards by post.

Drawing a heart

You can draw a heart directly on your greeting card, but I recommend that you first cut it out of paper so that both sides of it are the same. Fold the paper in half and draw half of the heart near the fold. Cut out both sides and the heart is ready.

Making holes

Redraw the paper heart on the greeting card. Using a ruler, mark the places of the holes at a distance of 0.5-1 cm and punch the holes. Before punching holes in the card, make sure that you have put a felt or craft board under your card so that you wont damage the table surface.

Sewing a heart

Thread the needle and start sewing. Leave the end of the thread untied, you will tape it with transparent tape later. Sew diagonally back and forth (see drawing) until the entire heart is embroidered.

Younger children who cannot yet sew with a metal needle can use yarn and a plastic needle. Only then make sure the holes are larger and less often. Cross-stitch and create an interesting pattern for the heart.

Let yourself be creative and come up with your own sewing designs for the heart. Write your greeting inside and surprise mom, grandma or other loved ones in your family.

Have a nice craft!