Sewing project for kids -hat, mittens, socks

Sewing project for kids -hat, mittens, socks

We all know that kids love to be creative and hands-on. Sewing is the perfect activity to nurture their talents and interests. It's a fun and rewarding skill that can be taught at any age and can be done at home with some basic materials.

In this blog, I will be sharing a fun project idea that you and your kids can try out today. This is a great way for kids to learn the basics of sewing or bring their sewing skills in next level while also expressing their creativity. You can craft together with the kids or it can be a great way to occupy them while you are doing your work from home or just cooking for family. So grab your needles and thread and let's get started!

Materials you need

Start by gathering all materials you will need for this project:

- cardboard in any color;

- print out the pattern (use these free pintables);

- hole making tool (or you can make holes with metal needle);

- thread or yarn;

- needle (plastic or metal);

- scissors.

Want your kids to learn how to sew from beginning, try these super fun and easy to use Wooden Sewing Shapes. For older kids (age 5+) try this Big Sewing Kit with cardboard sewing cards. And for already experienced crafters, you should really try Stitch a Greeting Card kit with six different greeting cards to sew and even envelopes included to send it to grandma or beloved friend.

First print and cut out these sewing patterns from our winter collection. Use them to make cardboard shapes. Cut them out and make holes for sewing. You can design your own pattern or use marked holes on you printable.

Use needle with bigger eye so that it is easier for kids to thread it. If you do not want to use a needle at all, you can wrap clear tape around the end of the thread or yarn and trim to a point to create a faux needle.

When you use plastic needle or faux needle ensure that holes are wide enough to get the needle and yarn through them.

You can choose to tie a knot at the beginning and end or leave the end of thread hanging and secure it later with clear tape afterwards. The same goes for color change.

There is no real technique for your cardboard sewing art. Continue threading through the dots and it will turn out just as intended! Feel free to use as many colors as you like.

Have a nice craft!