Easy&fun autumn DIY craft project

Easy&fun autumn DIY craft project

Autumn is here together with colourful, beautiful leaves. And kids love leaves. To walk through them, through them and to collect them. But what to do when your living room suddenly turns into a park with different colourful leaves everywhere? Try this easy, but exciting DIY craft project. Make a DIY Leaf Bowl from autumn leaves! Let's go!

 DIY Leaf bowl craft

Easy and fun autumn DIY craft project for kids at home

For this craft you will need:

  • colored, undried fall leaves;

  • PVA glue and brush for application;

  • a bowl or a balloon for the base;

  • a plastic wrap.

I will use a metal bowl as a base, but you can also use a balloon. To make it stable, place it on any slightly smaller container or tray.

Autumn craft idea for kids

How to make a DIY leaf bowl at home:

1. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap. It is best to wrap it all around so that it does not move.

2. Turn the bowl upside down and cover the entire surface with a glue.

DIY Leaf bowl

3. Select a leaf to place. Remove the stalk and glue it to the surface. The first leaves should be placed with the "right" side down, as they will be visible inside the bowl. Arrange the leaves alternately to make the bowl more durable. If the leaves overlap, apply glue in the middle.

4. Cover the entire surface again with a glue and lay the next layer of leaves. The more layers you glue, the more durable your bowl will be.

5. In the last layer place the leaves with the "right" side up as they will be seen on the outside of the bowl and smear everything thoroughly with glue.

6. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and smooth thoroughly. Leave for about an hour. This way the outer leaves will stick better and will not create relief.

DIY Leaf bowl craft

7. Remove the plastic wrap on the top and allow the glue to dry thoroughly. And the color of the your leaves is visible again.

8. Invert the bowl, cut the plastic wrap so you can remove the metal bowl. Carefully remove the inner wrap. The edges of the leaf bowl may be slightly stuck to the film, but they can be easily removed. Put your new leaf bowl inside the metal bowl you used and allow it to dry completely.

DIY Leaf bowl

And it's done! The cutest autumn leaf bawl is ready! You can use it as a décor on a table or somewhere to celebrate beautiful autumn.

DIY Leaf bowl

Have a nice craft!