How to use Flower Press

How to use Flower Press

Time can be stopped - if you know how! With the help of a flower press, you can capture the beauty of nature long after spring and summer have passed. Now one of the craft kits The Fox The Maker provides is also a flower press, so I will be happy to introduce you to its use.

ziedu prese ar iegravētu zīmējumu

How to use a flower press?

A flower press is a great helper for preserving natural materials. Its use will save books and add charm to the process of collecting flowers.

Plants can be pressed and used for various creative projects. It is an exciting activity for both young and old, as well as quality time with the family.

The flower press can also be used to create your herbarium. A herbarium is a collection of specially collected and pressed plants.

What to pay attention to in the process of collecting flowers?

Various factors must be taken into account in both the process of picking and pressing flowers:

  • Use scissors to cut flowers!
  • Choose fresh flowers that have just bloomed!
  • Harvest plants only in dry weather! Wet plants may start to spoil during pressing.
  • You can press the whole plant or divide it into parts (leaves, flowers).
  • After collecting plants and flowers, they should be placed in a flower press as soon as possible.
  • If you are outside for a longer time, you can put the flowers in a wet paper towel and put them in a bag to keep them as fresh as possible until you press them.

Please note that the color of the plants may change during pressing. Yellow and orange blooms will retain their color the best, while blues, pinks, and purples tend to fade. Red flowers turn brownish.

How to arrange collected plants in a flower press?

The flower press set includes cardboard on which to arrange the flowers. Place the plants so that they do not overlap each other, this can cause the plants to stick together during the dying process.

It is easier to press thin flowers or plant parts. Thicker flowers can be divided into separate petals.

Try to place flowers of the same thickness on one cardboard.

ziedu nospiesanas process-ziedu prese

How long to press plants in a flower press?

For best results, we recommend keeping the flowers in the press for 2-3 weeks. Thinner plants for a shorter time and thicker ones for a longer time. At first, you need to tighten the rafter-type screws a little every day. This will help to press the flowers better. Later it can be done every few days.

When you check the flowers and see that they are dry, you can take them out of the press and put the next ones in.

Remember that it is better to store the pressed flowers in a dark, dry place so that they do not lose their color or get damaged.

nospiesto ziedu projekti - ziedu-prese

In one of the next posts, I'll talk about projects to make using pressed flowers!


Have a nice craft!

- Agrita