Paper Weaving Greeting Card

Paper Weaving Greeting Card

Valentine's Day is approaching, but you have no idea how to make an original greeting card. You can weave it out of paper. Yes, indeed! You can also weave with paper, not just yarn. I will show you two ways you can make an original and beautiful greeting to give your loved ones on any holiday. Let's get to work!

papīra aušanas apsveikuma kartīte

Materials for paper weaving craft

  • 20x15 cm (8x6 inches) cardboard for the base of the greeting card
  • 21x10cm (8,2x4 inches) paper
  • Scissors and stationery knife
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue

    We also made a video on how to do this. You can find the link after the tutorial.

    Materiāli papīra aušanai

    Step 1

    Divide the smallest paper along the narrowest edge into 1cm (0,4 inches) wide sheets and cut them. You now have ten identical sheets.

    Step 2

    On the longest edge of the cardboard, the base marks the middle. This is where you will fold the card. If you do not have a special folder tool, use a ruler or a plastic knife and fold the card.

    Step 3

    Inside the card on its narrowest edge mark 2cm (0,8 inches) from each side. Divide the middle parts into 1cm (0,4 inches) wide sheets and cut the sheets with a stationery knife, leaving 5mm of uncut cardboard on the outside edge. On the other folded side, you can cut almost to the very point of the fold. Remember to use a cutting pad or thick cardboard to avoid damaging the table surface. You now have a card with 11 sheets cut in.

    idejas papīra aušanai bērniem

    Step 4

    Turn the card in the correct direction and start weaving. Put the first sheet on top of the middle sheet of the cardboard. Weave each next row one sheet wider until it reaches the last base sheet on cardboard. Then narrow the weaving by one sheet to form a heart shape. Leave it empty in the middle.

    papīra aušanas sirsniņas pamācība

    Step 5

    Cut off any excess paper and glue the ends to the card.

    Papīra aušana apsveikum kartīte ar sirsniņu Māmiņdienā

    papīra aušana bērniem

    Step 6

    Write a greeting and give it to your loved one.

    noausta papīra sirsniņa apsvēikuma kartītē

    Check the VIDEO on how Liene made this greeting card: