Weaving basics with weaving loom kit

Weaving basics with weaving loom kit

Hi! I am Agrita and I love to try our new crafts. This year I am learning more about weaving and showing what I have learned and tips&tricks when using a lap loom.

Some basic words that I will be using in my blog posts:

  • LOOM is a “device” that is used to weave. It holds warp thread under tension to facilitate the interweaving of the weft threads

  • The WARP THREAD is the thread that is strung over the loom vertically and holds the tension while weaving. This is the backbone of your weave.

  • The WEFT THREAD is the horizontal thread that is weaved over and under the warp threads. It creates your patterns and design in the weave.

If you don’t have a loom, don’t worry. Here’s what you can do:

1.       You can make one by yourself from cardboard.

2.      You can order Fox The Maker lap loom kit in our shop. It comes with matching yarns, a wooden needle, a comb, a crochet needle, and thread.

STEP 1: Warping a loom

There is more than one way to warp the loom. I will show the first one I learned and it can be used without a weaving kit and self-made cardboard loom.

 Hold the end of the thread in your hand or use tape to stick it to the back of the loom.

Bring the string up and slide it into the first slit at the top of the loom. Bring the string down and slide it into the matching slit at the bottom. Wrap the string around the frame until the string is through all the slits.

Tie both ends of the threads tightly together.

 Kā uztīt un sagatavot aušanas rāmi jeb stelles

STEP 2: Plain weaving technique

This is the fun part where you can be creative and let your imagination do the work!

Plain weave is a basic weaving technique where weft thread is pulled over the first warp thread, under the second, over the third, under the fourth, and so on till the end of the warp threads.  The second line is opposite the first one – where the weft thread went over the warp thread, now it goes under.

 Aušanas pamatprincipi un pamata tehnika

When you begin and end a new piece of yarn, leave a small piece hanging off the side. When you will be done, they can be hidden on the back.

In this way, you can make beautiful wall hangings, bookmarks, coasters, and more! Just choose your colors or grab one of our kits with matching yarns inside.

 Aušanas komplekts lietošana un pamācība

STEP 3: Taking off the weave

Turn the left side of the loom and cut the warp threads in the middle. I suggest cutting one by one – starting with diagonal threads and the first vertical. Then tie both together in knots.

 Kā nobeigt aušans darbiņu un sasiet diegus

 Kā sasiet mezglus un nostiprināt aušanas darbu, lai tas neizjuktu

 Lieko galu nogriešana aušanas darbam

STEP 4: Hiding your ends

Tuck the ends of the weft and warp strings on the back of your weaving project.  Use a crochet needle for this part if you have one. (You will have one in our Weaving kit if you ordered the kit)

  Dzijas galu ievilkšana ar tamboradatu

Aušanas nobeigšana un lieko galu ievilkšana

You can order your weaving here with all the needed materials and matching yarns.

Aušanas stelles rokdarbu komplekts bērniem un gatavs noausts darbiņš

Hope this blog post helped to learn weaving basics!